Do you need drywall installed or repaired? You can count on our experienced team to deliver superior work and seamless results!

Meeting Your High Expectations for Drywall

Installing and repairing drywall and achieving seamless results requires a particular set of skills. If you’re looking for a contractor who has what it takes, give Regency Painting & Drywall LLC a call. Our professionals have a track record for excellence backed by over 20 years of experience. Rest assured, we will meet your high expectations.

Drywall Installation

We provide complete drywall services to both residential and commercial customers. Our drywall services in Atlanta include hanging, taping, finishing (sanding and glazing ceilings), and drywall primer. We always make sure to sweep and clean up our entire work area and haul away any discarded materials.

All our drywall work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Drywall Repair

Our drywall repair services in Atlanta include complete sheetrock and drywall repair. We begin by checking and determining the condition of the surfaces to be repaired.

  • For leaks or minor water damage, we will utilize Kilz primer on affected areas.
  • All holes, dents, nail pops, corner beads, cracks, and loose tape will be all be repaired or patched, and sanded.
  • Areas with heavy damage are completely replaced.

We always cover all furniture, electronics, and any other surfaces near the repair area. After the job is done, we always make sure to clean up our entire work area and haul away any discarded materials.

All our drywall repair work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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