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Atlanta Stucco Painting

Preparation is the key for an excellent stucco paint job.

We begin by gently pressure washing the entire stucco exterior to remove any dirt, flaking, mold, mildew and loose paint. We then cover plants, bushes, and other surfaces near the painting area.

Next, we prepare the stucco for painting by repairing and sealing any cracks where needed and conduct any small stucco repairs. We always use the best Elastomeric products (Sherlastic & Conflex) and apply two thick coats of paint to the stucco using the proper spray and back roll equipment and techniques as recommended by the manufacturers.

Some contractors will skip some of these important steps to try and complete the job in one day or less, however, this is a complete disregard of the recommendations by Quality Paint Manufacturers.

All our stucco painting work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.