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Almost a couple of years ago we met a woman called Miss Melisa Mae. A blonde big-boobed blogger with epic cleavage and individuality. We came across at a bar in Orange County and I also discovered easily that the lady backs straight down from no obstacle or speaks of penises and vaginas. My types of wide definitely. Join me personally in congratulating lose Melisa Mae in flipping two

Two years to the time

Came into this world Miss Melisa Mae.

Kindly keep your applause

And take the time to pause.

To think about what is already been

And gotten under my skin.

We’ll try to be fast

But I’m a wordy ass chick.

There was the dry humping Italian

Therefore the overeager Stallion.

Men with one fan

And guys attempting to poke myself inside butt.

There are guys with buns within the oven

Still trying to find somewhat lovin.

Enough men just who cannot spell

And a newlywed from hell.

My instructor from ninth grade

Who was simply simply trying to get laid.

There is the removing RN

And most one Nigerian.

There clearly was a fireman or two

And plenty of males without any idea.

A 10 min big date

And a girl with red hair overweight.

Men dressed in silver lamé

Plus one I imagined ended up being homosexual.

There seemed to be the guy that couldn’t chat

Until he pulled around his cock.

Horrible messages

And smothering intercourse.

a married swinger

Who had been Chris Penn’s lifeless ringer.

The cat loving loser

The Tokyo drift cruiser.

Hot Bicep Chap

And plenty of photos of Peni.

Since’s plenty of damn matchmaking

But I undoubtedly isn’t hating.

Congratulations to me

Because I’m a screwing poor butt <— (I became all out of rhyme)

(That’s as near to poetry when I come. Don’t get worried, I won’t end up being stopping my personal day job anytime soon)

Naturally, my personal darlings, you can travel to myself at my bomb butt blog site
The Book Of Admiration Had Been Written By A Sadist
Come on sweetie. I will not harm ya.

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